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Thursday, August 13, 2020
RelogistiX offers the full range of international relocation services. As one of the premium relocation management companies in the country and based in the Washington DC area, we service a broad range of clients. Our solitary focus is international relocations and our clients work in USAID funded companies, defense contractors, international corporations, embassies, international banking institutions. There are many companies that claim dominance in all areas of relocation, we are not one of them. Our belief is that a good international relocation company is a very hard thing to impersonate, so we focus completely on international relocation services and leave the domestic and local moves to others.

Our company aims to provide you with the best international relocation you can get based on the expertise ranging from the 29 years of experience in international relocation services held by the owners, to the experience we have had in virtually every country in the world. Given our client base, the unusual destination is one that we consider very normal indeed.


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