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Friday, September 25, 2020

At RelogistiX, our vision is to provide unmatched customer service and a personal touch that is parallel to none.

We provide exceptional quality of service and unmatched value for money.

Let us earn your confidence by providing the necessary services in a manner that will retain your trust and your loyalty.
RelogistiX is a multifaceted relocation and logistics company created and developed to provide specialized service in the areas of household goods relocation, freight services and project cargo to our clients that are operating in a global market.

With a highly skilled, experienced and multi-lingual staff, RelogistiX has positioned itself to embrace, manage and complete all areas of the relocation process typically required of international corporationís, USAID and USAID funded organizations, foreign diplomatic missions and humanitarian relief organizations. Our staff, having worked primarily in these areas for the majority of their careers, have extensive knowledge of working in those countries that most would consider unfamiliar. In short, "We go to the same places that you do."


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